Your Cedar Roof Restoration Professionals

Roof Moss Removal


Moss, Algae, Fungi, Lichen and ugly black streaks on your roof?  Not only is it unpleasing to the eye but it also causes significant damage to your roof shakes/shingles if not protected and maintained...

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Roof Cleaning & Maintenance

Pine needles, leaves, moss, algae piling up? Without regular roof maintenance and roof cleaning your roof can plug up water ways and can result in damage andleaking roofs!

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Cedar Roof Restoration

Our Cedar Roof Restoration Service is a 3 Step Process which provides the homeowner with the option of prolonging and virtually renewing their old cedar roof rather than spending thousands in on a new roof!

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Gutter Cleaning & Repair

If your gutters are plugged up with debris and water is flowing over it is just a matter of time until you have a leak and/or foundation damage to your home resulting in thousands of dollars in unnecessary repair costs!

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Our GREEN Pledge...

At Eco Roof Cleaning and Moss Removal we take pride in offering our customers Eco Friendly roofing options and alternatives. Like our partners at Enviro-Green Roofing and Restorations, we are strongly committed to reducing our Carbon Footprint and Environmental Impact by:


  •  Going Paperless:  All Quotes, Invoices, Receipts and Warranty’s are given to customers via email
  •  Cutting CO2 Emissions: We cut our emissions by not driving big bulky gas guzzling trucks or Vans-rather driving small compact pickup trucks instead.
  • Using only Ultra Low VOC/LEED Certified Roofing Products: All Roof Cleaners, Moss Inhibitors and Cedar Roof Treatment/Protector are environmentally friendly and are not composed of any toxic substances or petroleum based products. All products we use are water based and are safe to use around plants, flowers, pets and children.
  • New Equipment/New Cleaning Methods: We are continuously replacing old equipment such as power washers and vehicles, with new, more fuel efficient equipment. We also try to stay one step ahead by using the newest and latest cleaning accessories and equipment. This cuts the amount of time it takes us to clean and allows us to give you the best rates possible.

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